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Sign-up Bonus

Probably the best way toboost your Ladbrokes balance is the unique 300% match bonus on your first deposit of minimum £5. Simply use yourPaypal account and enjoy prolonged playtime with up to£300 in cash that you can use to play Highway Kings.

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About Highway Kings

Highway Kings is a good introduction to playing online slot games for real money. It’s a 9-line video slot game that features 5 reels, some nice extra features, as well as interesting, if simple design, which make its Transportation theme really come to life. What’s more, this generously paying title may bring you up to 10000x your line bet!

With 9 paylines, this slot could award you with the progressive jackpot in cash. There are also other ways to pocket money from Highway Kings:. This 5-reeler could get your adrenaline going with Dollar Ball, meaning you could take away truly a lot.

Highway Kings Video Slot Attributes

Sure, the Transportation fans will find this slot interesting, but that’s not the only source of fun in Highway Kings. This article will explain what to expect.

If you’re into slots with features, Playtech probably thought of you when making this video slot. Apart from special features you can always benefit from 12 symbols that include a wild symbol that substitutes others, and the Red Truck symbol that pays up to 10000x line bet.

Featuring a progressive jackpot, it’s no wonder Highway Kings is so popular among punters worldwide.

If you want to play the Highway Kings video slot with real money, Ladbrokes may be the right choice. With its Highway Kings mobile app, Ladbrokes lets you win cash prizes anywhere, anytime. The Ladbrokes welcome bonus brings up to £ 300 in real money to enjoy quality Transportation themed games, like this video slot from Playtech that we’re reviewing – once you enter MAXPROMO on the Ladbrokes site.

The Story of Highway Kings

Released back in 2012, Highway Kings is a game developed by Playtech, which has always attracted numerous players. The Highway Kings Pro slot is its sequel which maintained Highway Kings’s quality but with a few improvements. This video slot is updated regularly, implying that Playtech makes sure it always runs without glitches.

The Way Highway Kings Works

The following are the rules of Highway Kings:

  • Playtech designed this 5-reel slot to pay for at least 1 of a kind lined up symbols
  • Highway Kings also pays both ways, which doesn’t work for scatter wins
  • Prizes are paid only on active lines
  • Scatter payouts are based on the pay-any principle
  • Wilds serve as joker symbols, replacing all 12 symbols, except scatters
  • Highway Kings pays only the highest wins per line
  • Place the minimum of one coin per spin
  • Entire progressive jackpot sum is won when the jackpot is hit
  • Winnings and games are proclaimed null and void in case of any malfunction.

The Way to Play Highway Kings

Highway Kings is a dynamic 9-payline slot that rewards with the minimum 1 identical symbols on a payline. This Playtech online game offers cash rewards paid both ways. It has everything that players look for – Highway Kings as an intuitive and rewarding game follows Playtech’s successful paths. Our take on this 5-reeler offers all the necessary information to prospective players.

How to choose where to play Highway Kings slot? The offer is abundant. Still, this Playtech slot in some casinos gives even more! Up to £ 300 will top up your first depost at Ladbrokes. All you need to do is type MAXPROMO into the bonus code field.

If you have not tried Highway Kings for real money yet, you could opt for Ladbrokes casino and cash out as much as the progressive jackpot. To do that, search for this video slot at Ladbrokes website, or its mobile variety instead. Remember that this Playtech game offers multipliers up to 10000x line bet.

Fun play for those who want to test Highway Kings before playing it exists in Ladbrokes, which allows you to test-drive this Playtech game while on the go, too. Conveniently, Ladbrokes is available in a no-download version, or you can download Ladbrokes and install it – it’s up to you.

To start the Highway Kings magic, you need to press the Spin button and decide your preffered bet by pressing bet button. Remember, Highway Kings lets you win up to 10000x your line bet.

5 alike symbols on the reels of Highway Kings bring major prizes. To win, you should activate 9 paylines. By means of yes button, you can easily adjust them.

Playing Highway Kings’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Initially, you may need to pick your payline number.

Playing Highway Kings means activating between 1 and 9 win lines. Of course, 9 lines should always be your choice, especially if £ is your heartwarmer.

The winnings are paid from both ways in this genuine Playtech release, enabling you to get prizes even though you may think the opposite – that Highway Kings pays less because it has under 20 paylines. Playtech made it to pay decently, even better than many video slots with higher no. of paylines.

  • Move on to picking the credit amount

This is done by coin size selection. Highway Kings gives you various options. £0.01 is the lowest available amount, while even £5 represents the highest one.

Unlike paylines, which in Highway Kings need to be set on maximum for a progressive jackpot win a jackpot prize, Playtech introduced flexible coin amounts.

  • Decided on your Highway Kings coin value? Then take a look at line bet options.

When playing this Playtech online game, remember that the number of 1 coins per payline cannot be changed.

You can set payline range between 1 and 9 betting lines. To ensure user-friendly approach, Playtech created an easy-to-use payline button.

A range of betting options are offered in Highway Kings this way, including line bets from 0.01£ to 5£ that will make this more interesting to higher-stake punters.

  • You can start spinning by using the Spin button.

Once you press this button, you’ll see the 5 reels start on the bet size you picked.Keep spinning using the Spin button, because Playtech didn’t include an auto play button to speed things up.

  • Now, take another look at Highway Kings’s dashboard – you should see two more options: one for full screen and another one for volume.

Untypically,Playtech omitted to include a full screen version. Highway Kings’s players may find this offputting, so this 5-reeler should be improved with next update.

It’s no wonder Highway Kings has no mute toggle, when Playtech failed to include a full screen button.

Definitely, this aspect was left half-done by Playtech. On the bright side, you can enjoy Highway Kings with or without sounds – simply use your computer or your mobile volume settings.

How Many Symbols Are There?

“There are 12 symbols that pay in Highway Kings, and they include:”

  • Red Truck
  • Yellow Truck
  • Green Truck
  • Jump Lead
  • Bolt
  • You’ll earn the least on Steering Wheel.

It’s also possible to win decent sums on

  • a pay-any scatter symbol
  • a replacing wild symbol

The highest win can be hit on a top paying symbol – Red Truck. Namely, once you hit 5 of those symbols on an active payline, 10000x your line stake will be paid out. Place 9 on the maximum of 9 paylines, and such a winner will bring you coins – a hefty prize, indeed.

Here’s an image of the Red Truck tile:

play Highway Kings for real money

The next top win may come from Yellow Truck being the second highest-paying symbol. To win 5000x your stake, it is enough to put £0.01 per line, however huge prizes like £25000 can also be yours if you place £5 bet per line and 5 such symbols appear on a line. Don’t forget that there is also the Green Truck symbol and its valuable prizes. You can win 1000x stake on as low wagers as £0.01 per line. The payouts may reach £5000 when you opt for the maximum bet of £5 and get 5 of these symbols per line.

Highway Kings’s other symbols are Jump Lead – which pays a maximum of 300x line stake and Bolt, whose top prize is 200x bet per line; but alsoSteering Wheel, whose modest top prize of 50 may not have the ‘wow’ factor like Red Truck, but appears more frequently in Highway Kings than any of the others.

A great thing about Highway Kings is that its Wild Truck symbol can be combined with the Exhaust Pipe scatter to create a winning line combination. Alone, Exhaust Pipe symbol may increase the line stake 100 times.

Paylines Overview

The version of the Playtech online slot we’re reviewing here features 5 reels and 9 paylines, and its relative, Highway Kings Pro, is a video slot with 5 reels and 9 lines, just as in Highway Kings and so many other Playtech titles.

Paylines in Highway Kings and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts. You can play Highway Kings with 1 up to 9 lines . To select how many you want, click the video slot’s designated payline button.

But before that, choose your coin value.

play Highway Kings online Play now at Ladbrokes 

A Few Facts About Highway Kings’s Paylines:

  • Paylines are placed in both ways direction.
  • In order to win, you will need just 1 or more symbols that match in one row on a payline.
  • A wild or a joker symbol will serve as any regular symbol.
  • When you have Exhaust Pipe, it will pay, no matter where it is placed.
  • The only win which is paid is the highest win on a certain payline. Lets say you got two wins, in that case, you will be collecting just the higher of those two. If you want to win lines, you simply have to enable them. If you didn’t bet on a payline, and it ends up winning, you wouldn’t be able to collect the win.

How Many Reels are There in Highway Kings?

In this online video slot, when you start the 5 reels, they move downward. It’s a classic spinning direction, which makes Highway Kings very convenient for Ladbrokes players who like to keep things simple. However, in Highway Kings, downward-moving reels doesn’t mean downward-moving prizes. On the contrary!

Of course, everything about Highway Kings revolves around its 12 base symbols. This number includes a substitute and a scatter symbol.

What do You Have to Know About the Highway Kings Fixed Jackpot?

Some Ladbrokes players may be disappointed that Highway Kings has no fixed jackpot, but prizes like 10000x your line stake may be Playtech’s way to compensate for it. Lining up 5 of the top paying Red Truck symbols brings this sum, which is £ in cash on a £5 bet.

Progressive Jackpot Information

You have picked a great slot for playing – for this one Playtech incorporated the very much desired progressive jackpot. Once Highway Kings’s major prize starts growing from all the bets made by Ladbrokes players, it can reach an astronomical figure before you sweep it up. Then, Highway Kings’s dashboard will simply start accumulating from the beginning.

Highway Kings is a Video Slot, Right?

As a video slot, Highway Kings features simple, but intuitive graphical solution that Playtech slots typically involve. Being famous for its video slot titles, Playtech evidently maintained its quality in Highway Kings. Nice effects, special features and prizes of 10000x line bet maximum make this video title highly desireable among Ladbrokes customers. And for a good reason, too.

Is Highway Kings a Playtech 3D Game?

The answer is no. But don’t despair – Highway Kings has neat graphics, and more importantly, good payouts. Besides, Ladbrokes’s 3D and video slots don’t differ that much; it’s classic slots that stand out. Anyhow, Highway Kings will surely win you over, as Playtech gave it lots of useful features.

Do I Have to Download Highway Kings?

Ladbrokes flash casino enables both download of Highway Kings and online play.Once you register your account on Ladbrokes website, you can proceed to download their software. From there, follow several easy steps and this video slot will be ready to go. Alternatively, you can play Highway Kings instantly online, as well as other Playtech titles. Either way, there’s £ just waiting to be won. But, you have to be playing for real money, because Ladbrokes provided the demo just to help you get acquantied with this Transportation themed slot.

What are the Buttons’ Commands?

This section is dediacted to Highway Kings buttons.

The Spin Toggle

Take any contemporary slot game, such as Highway Kings, and see which button is pressed the most. It’s always the game starting button, which is known by many a name, including Spin, Play, Start, or Go. However, in this 5-reeler, it’s known as Spin, and it starts the reels, which may bring coins, which is Highway Kings’s largest prize. Remember, all it takes is a single click! To keep Spin from feeling lonely, there are also:

  • You can decide what will be the minimum bet sum and maximum bet sum
  • Get more details on this modern game

The Turbo Feature

Sadly, Playtech opted out of adding the Turbo mode in Highway Kings, but it has maximum RTP of 97.06%, which is nice.

About Highway Kings’s Info Tab

Want more info on this Playtech Transportation theme game? You’ll gonna have to contact the Ladbrokes customer service, as there is no info button attached.

What is Autoplay?

When it comes to Highway Kings’s convenient components, Autoplay catches the eye. In slots related to such as Highway Kings it’s a standard option, that enables playing Playtech and other vendors’ slots without clicking the spin button for every spin. Cool, right? Yet, Playtech didn’t make this Transportation themed video release with that option. Not cool. Therefore, Ladbrokes players have to keep hoping that newer Highway Kings versions will see this fault corrected.

What is the Minimum Bet About?

Trust us, you want to be smart about your betting. That’s why you should first check the minimum requred bet sum before opening an account with Ladbrokes and going on to put the bonus code to work. Then, you can sit back, relax, have a cuppa and enjoy the 5 reels that will whisk those lovely little 12 tiles into getting you the £ prize.

You don’t have to do your head in while looking for a way to set the wager to a minimum. Highway Kings features a special button that will enable you to do it in one click and it’s called minimum bet.

Highway Kings has a designated minimum value for a bet in coins and it’s £0.01. If you happen to leave the value for coins at £5, then you will be betting £45 per spin which is not a good thing if you are a low-roller. But if you set 1 X 0.01, then you will wager just £0.01 per spin.

Highway Kings can be played with only 1 out of the 9 paylines. But doing so won’t do you any favours if you want to get any of the special features.

Getting Your Stake to the Maximum Level

If you want maximum chances of winning Highway Kings’s feature and jackpot prizes, why not use max bet button, a button that sets your bet to maximum.

Highway Kings’s RTP Percentage

One of the things worth knowing about any 9 paylines game is the Return to Player percentage, or RTP. This will give you an idea what to expect of this 5-reeler in terms of the payout rate over a particular period. In other words, it tells you if the game is worth playing. Here you have a video slot with RTP of 96%, so you will have a return of £96 for every £100. But bear in mind this doesn’t mean you will win 96% of the time.

In terms of the RTP rate for Highway Kings, it’s quite generous, 97.06%, which is quite high for industry standards.

Wild, Scatter, and Other Bonus Symbols

Similarly to so many video slots, Highway Kings boasts both wild and scatter symbols.

What Will a Scatter Do?

The symbol that will pay you no matter where it is placed on these 9 paylines is the symbol that will treat you with the 100 times bet multiplier. This is, of course, the Exhaust Pipe scatter .

This is what it looks like:

play Highway Kings for free

Wild Truck Wild – Highway Kings’s Most Loved Symbol

The Wild Truck wild is a special symbol in Highway Kings that serves as a substitute. Among 12 symbols, the regular ones, such as Green Truck can count on Wild Truck to complete its winners. For example, 4 Green Truck symbols plus a Wild Truck make a combination that brings 1000x line bet – the top payout for the Green Truck symbol.

win real cash on Highway Kings

The tile pictured above is the Wild Truck wild symbol.

Highway Kings’s Expanding Extra

Even though expanding wilds are hugely popular, Playtech failed to make Highway Kings with one. But while playing it, Ladbrokes players will discover some other exciting features.

Should I Hope for a Stacked Wild in Highway Kings?

You’ll see no stacked wild on these 5 reels, as Playtech didn’t include it in its offering. Highway Kings, however, has other features worth your attention.

Overlay Symbol Explained

Unfortunately, this Transportation themed slot doesn’t have the overlay wild option. But there is always the chance that Playtech will introduce it in a future version.

What Information Can I Get from the Paytable?

If you’re interested in all the Highway Kings payout details, turn to its paytable, which Playtech conveniently made easily available through the yes buton. What you’ll see there are 12 symbols and their pays explained. Highway Kings symbols’ prizes are paid as line bet multipliers. 5 symbols lined up pay top prizes, but 1 of them will do to win something, too. Playtech put the top worth on the Red Truck symbol, which will award you with 10000x line bet as soon as you line up 5 of them. Then, if you get as many Yellow Truck symbols on one of the 9 lines, your balance will increase by 5000x bet per line.

Lining up minimum 1 symbols will result in a payout; but 5 of them on one of the 9 winlines will pay you well – up to 10000x line bet, awarded by the top paying Red Truck symbol. Hope to see many of these Highway Kings tiles, right? But the 2nd best paying, Yellow Truck symbols, have amazing prizes, too – match 5 of them and you’ll get a hefty 5000x line stake multiplier. Then, winning 1000x line bet is also lucrative; that’s exactly what Green Truck will give you for winning 5 of them on an active line. Getting Jump Lead and Bolt wins is easier and less paid, but 300x and 200x line stake multipliers are a good addition to Highway Kings balance. And even the lowest paying among the 12 symbols, which comes in shape of Steering Wheel awards a prize worth mentioning: 50 times your stake per line.

Highway Kings online free Play now at Ladbrokes 

Playing Playtech’s Highway Kings with Ladbrokes Credits

In this 9 paylines slot you can determine your credit size in several ways:

  • Selecting your paylines
  • Using the yes toggle
  • Coin value options
  • Selecting cash bet per line

Providing you with more flexibility, Playtech included the option to change payline number in Highway Kings. Therefore, you can select from 1 to the maximum 9 lines.

Bet level is common in Playtech slots and can be set with a click of a button. You can choose the bet level – or how many coins per each line you’re going to bet. Spanning from 1 to 1, it influences all 9 lines. A minimum bet level of 1 will produce an overall bet of 1, just as the level 1 will result in 9 total per spin.

How Can I Know the Value of Ladbrokes Coins?

Coin value in cash is one of the most important Ladbrokes settings.

A great way to keep on top of your wagers is to determine what will be your coin value. You can set it to £0.01 or take it all the way to the max to £5. Now, this slot has 9 lines, which means that if you set the value to £5, your total bet in cash will be £45.

Does Highway Kings Have a Multiplier Extra?

Winning with special multiplier features in Playtech slots is a common thing. Perhaps Ladbrokes players will be disappointed that Highway Kings doesn’t feature a multiplier, but its Dollar Ball feature may improve their opinion.

Free Games and Special Features in Highway Kings

Did Playtech include any of these?

Bonus Features

While no bonus round is included in Highway Kings, there’s still hope that Playtech may correct this one of Highway Kings’s next updates.

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Special Feature for True Gamblers

Highway Kings doesn’t have a Double or Nothing bonus. But it will give rewards . And whatever the 12 symbols win you, that’s your’s to keep.

What Kind of a Bonus are Free Spins?

Two types of free spins are easy to mix up: those in Playtech titles and those provided by casinos. Don’t mix them up, as video slots like Highway Kings offer them as special features, while casinos feature them as bonuses. Try not to mix up playing video slots in fun play mode with their free spins. Ladbrokes won’t register any prizes you win in fun play, while winning a video slot’s free spins could bring you quite an amount.

Nope, no Highway Kings free spins feature, and no Ladbrokes free spins bonus you could play Highway Kings with. Sounds stingy, right? Not if Highway Kings’s jackpot falls into your hands.

Highway Kings Interface Design

Similarly to other Playtech video slots, this 9-line game provides not just genuine graphics that finely complement its Transportation content, but also a number of buttons that serve to:

  • shows you the paytable
  • decide how many lines you’ll be betting on
  • how big your wager will be
  • places the minumum wager
  • takes all the values to the max

What Highway Kings Sounds are Like?

Being detailed oriented, the designers at Playtech gave great, theme-specific sounds to Highway Kings, providing a complete gaming experience to Ladbrokes punters who appreciate games with Transportation storylines. That’s a nice addition to the £ top prize, improving the quality of playtime.

Highway Kings for Real Money

Playtech didn’t go for dazzling design in producing Highway Kings. What they focused on was to get the 5 reels to boost your chance of winning coins. And with £5 per coin, that’s not too shabby. And it also has some specials, too.

Ladbrokes real cash games – Highway Kings

If you want Highway Kings’s wins to end up on your Ladbrokes account, you need to open one. And here’s how to do it:

  • Search for Ladbrokes’s official website and use the sign up option
  • Fill out the form
  • In the bonus code field put: MAXPROMO and instantly get Ladbrokes promos
  • Make at least a minimum deposit of £5
  • Wager all you like on Highway Kings

Cashing Out Your Highway Kings Wins

When you win a prize in Highway Kings, the cash will instantaneously be on your Ladbrokes account. From there, the money can be sent to your Paypalif Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Visa, Visa Electron, Bank Transfer, Visa Debit contains Skrill=”or Skrill” or other payment system. Just make sure you know what is the withdrawal limit.

In addition, if you want a Ladbrokes bonus, such as the 200% welcome offer to work in your favour, know that Ladbrokes will ask you to wager the bonus x if you want to cashout. You should also get to know Ladbrokes’s T&Cs, especially withdrawal-wise. Still, looking in Highway Kings’s info is a wrong idea, as it’s not the same as Ladbrokes’s info.

Is There a Way to Check Out Highway Kings Without Placing Real Bets?

Yes, free play is available for Highway Kings. It’s offered in the free play mode on Ladbrokes for punters who want to try Playtech slots online, either through computer or their mobile.

What’s great about this Playtech title is that if you have a Ladbrokes casino account you can play for fun. Therefore, before you spin the 5 reels for real money and try to win up to £, you can first just see how the special features work, and then go in for one of the rewards.

While playing this 5-reeler with fun money, think about all the prizes Highway Kings could’ve given you for real. Then, Playtech experience, simply go on to Ladbrokes’s real money mode, and deposit minimum £5. It’s not much, but considering that Highway Kings’s lowest bet amounts to £0.01, it’ll take a while to spend it. In addition to the £5, you’ll have a generous welcome bonus of 300% to top your deposit when you use Ladbrokes’s special bonus code MAXPROMO for online and mobile app users.

Win Cash on Highway Kings While Playing for Free?

Ladbrokes is a great venue, but the rules must be observed. So, £5 will be required as a deposit if you want to take away the £ that this neat video carries.

No Deposit Bonus for Playtech Slots

While no free chip deals come from Ladbrokes these days, we can still play Highway Kings with its 300% welcome bonus and a minimum deposit of £5. In case Ladbrokes decides to add a free chip for Highway Kings, we assure you we’ll amend this review.

Play Highway Kings On Mobile

Yes, there is a mobile version of Highway Kings. It’s an app that Ladbrokes players who have iOS, Android, Windows devices can use to access this video title. What’s so great is that this Ladbrokes app provides the same quality of this Playtech slot as its online counterpart, the same 97.06% RTP rate, but also Highway Kings’s progressive jackpot, and maximum regular win of £.

Prepare to play Highway Kings on the go if you own an iOS device – Ladbrokes’s mobile app is easily downloadable from iTunes or Ladbrokes site, offering Highway Kings and numerous other Playtech games.

Playing Playtech slots is not an issue if you have an Android phone or tablet – just download a Ladbrokes app from Google Play or directly from Ladbrokes website and start spinning this simple slot’s reels.

Windows Phone users may find it challenging to download a casino app, but in case of Ladbrokes, they can enjoy the generosity of Highway Kings and other Playtech games through a dedicated app. Hopefully more online casinos will follow Ladbrokes’s footsteps in this respect.

Here’s something to pay attention to: no Ladbrokes app or Highway Kings app should be paid for. They’re free. So, if you run into a site that sells them, leave it immediately, ’cause it’s fake.

Claim a Highway Kings Mobile Bonus Offer

If you hoped to receive a bonus for playing Highway Kings on you mobile device, Ladbrokes will dissapoint you. There’s no mobile bonus. But this contemporary slot game could make you some serious cash with the 10000x line bet multiplier.

When it comes to winning, this could pay you a maximum of £. Its best paying symbol is Red Truck and 5 of them on one of the slot’s 9 lines brings a line stake multiplier of 10000x. For additional info, address Highway Kings’s paytable by pressing the yes button.

The Maximum Reward Which Can Be Won

Also, get thoroughly acquainted with the Highway Kings game rules and count them in, along with the limitations of Ladbrokes bonuses you want to collect. This may help you avoid any disappointments when arriving at the cashier after you’re done with spinning those 5 reels.

And perhaps most importantly, always keep in mind that Highway Kings’s just a game, and that its primary function is to provide fun. So, don’t expect too much, but rather enjoy the authentic Transportation theme.

How to Get the Most Out of Highway Kings?

The truth is – no one has a special recipe for winning on online slots. Therefore, the only real strategy you should stick to is:
– determine exactly how much you want to spend and stick to that.
– decide for how long you’d like to play and select credit size accordingly
– collect the bonuses that will work best for you
– know when to stop, whether you’re winning or losing.
– Read the Rules
– Consult the Paytable
– Play the Game for Free First
– Pay Attention to Lines
– Bets per Line

It’s always good to have a plan, even when playing Playtech games. A plan may not help you win much more, though, but rather avoid losing more than you planned. Don’t be fooled by numerous strategies for slots that promise better winnings – all wins in Highway Kings and every other slot are randomly determined, so you can’t influence that.

About Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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