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Seeking a good batch of promos? Ladbrokes offers one – there’s the 200% welcome bonus up to £300 on top of your deposit, and 25 free spins to spice things up. the MAXPROMO bonuscode is your ticket to both promos.

When you’re ready to sign-up, Ladbrokes will offer you to exchange the MAXPROMO bonus code for their exclusive 300% welcome bonus after you deposit. Do so by entering it into a designated spot on Ladbrokes’s mobile or online site.

Bonus for New Players

Well, if you want to get the exclusive 300% sign-up bonus from Ladbrokes, they’ll ask for a deposit. Just useyour Paypal account, deposit a minimum of £5 and your account balance will be boosted by£300 tops, which means much more spins on Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

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Monty Python’s Life of Brian Basics

It’s easy to enjoy a game like Monty Python’s Life of Brian when it has so much to offer. From 30 paylines and its rewarding features, to the beautifully designed reels, this Playtech video slot is what you call a no-brainer. Add to this frequent payouts, accompanied by the maximum win of 1000x bet per line, and you’ll get what Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s all about.

This Playtech title carries the £25000 reward, however it also has other ways to grant you hefty wins: the Stoning Bonus bonus and up to free spins, along with the Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s special – Wild Spaceship Respins, plus.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Slot Characteristics Overview

It’s not uncommon for players who don’t appreciate Monty Python -themed slots to worship Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Wondering why? Here are some of the reasons.

Some of the specials in Monty Python’s Life of Brian include additional free spins along with a bonus round. You’ll find 13 regular symbols and a jocker.

Another cool feature of this Playtech game is its progressive jackpot.

If you want to play the Monty Python’s Life of Brian video slot with real money, Ladbrokes may be the right choice. With its Monty Python’s Life of Brian mobile app, Ladbrokes lets you win cash prizes anywhere, anytime. The Ladbrokes welcome bonus brings up to £ 300 in real money to enjoy quality Film themed games, like this video slot from Playtech that we’re reviewing – once you enter MAXPROMO on the Ladbrokes site.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Story

Launched in 2013, Monty Python’s Life of Brian quckly found its place among Ladbrokes punters, same as Monty Python’s Spamalot! fans, which is tied to this game. And so far, it’s been routinely updated by Playtech, so you shouldn’t have any problems with spinning the 5 reels.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Rules

When playing Monty Python’s Life of Brian, you should be aware of the following:

  • The minimum of 3 matching symbols on one of the 30 paylines is what you need to get a prize
  • The direction to watch for payouts is left to right, excluding the Scatter
  • The Scatter gives a payout regardless of its position
  • A Wild can substitute any of the 13 symbols, but not the scatter
  • You will get a payment only for the highest win
  • There is a 10 free spins bonus
  • The free spins bonus can be awarded even during a free spins game
  • The least you can bet is
  • There’s a progressive jackpot that will give you the complete pot amount
  • All wins and games will be nulled if there’s a malfunction

How to Start Playing Monty Python’s Life of Brian

In order to win in Monty Python’s Life of Brian game, you need to strike leastways 3 rewarding symbols per line. This Playtech slot pays out left to right providing various options to cash in. The 5-reel slot with 30 paylines makes a great find for fans of Film-themed slots. If you want to learn more about Monty Python’s Life of Brian, just keep reading and find all relevant information.

The prizes paid out in Monty Python’s Life of Brian real-money game include £25000 which is always attractive to players. Ladbrokes casino offers various playing options for this Playtech slot. You can access Monty Python’s Life of Brian game online via Ladbrokes website and its mobile app.

In addition to real-money version, Monty Python’s Life of Brian is available as a free version at Ladbrokes, with optional mobile access as well. This Playtech slot can be played without download, although Ladbrokes enables downloading in a simple manner.

The moment you decide to spin the 5 reels, hit the Spin button. But before you do that, go to a designated toggle to determine the bet size. When the reels start spinning, hope for 3 matching tiles on one of the 30 paylines, ’cause this is how much you need for a win.

If you hit 5 indentical tiles, you’ll hit big, provided that all 30 paylines are in the game. Which, in this Monty Python-themed title is exactly the case, since the line number is fixed. Another cool feature in this Playtech title is the Turbo mode that spins the 5 super fast.

Here are a few simple steps to enjoy Monty Python’s Life of Brian

  • The first decision to make may refer to the number of active paylines.

30 paylines accross 5 reels are what the game offers. And all of the 30 lines must be played. This limitation in Monty Python’s Life of Brian is not a bad one, though. 30 paylines means this Playtech slot will pay out better, including 5 of a kind line-ups for maximum prizes.

The paylines in this video fruit machine pay left to right, providing you with wins that are not rare at all, which many believe is the case with slots that feature 30 paylines. What’s more, Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s payout rate is quite decent, making this Playtech slot a good choice winning-wise.

  • This was easy, right? The next step is just as simple – choose your credit size.

When you get to Ladbrokes to play for real money, rememeber that Monty Python’s Life of Brian has limited the coin size to £. This Playtech game remains simple and user-friendly. Let its 5 reels spin and look for great prizes.

With this Playtech game, there’s no coin-size fuss. Monty Python’s Life of Brian offers only the predefined coin value of £, making this gaming experience much neater. This 5 reeler promises incredible prizes such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s progressive jackpot.

  • Playing Monty Python’s Life of Brian is getting closer – now you need to choose your line bet.

In terms of coins per line, Monty Python’s Life of Brian keeps it very simple with obligatory 1-coin line bet.

Playtech didn’t include any payline alternatives in Monty Python’s Life of Brian – you have to play on all 30 lines. Maybe some newer versions of this video slot will support more options.

To let you set your bet just the way you want it, Playtech included a bet amount button.

This great option lets Monty Python’s Life of Brian players choose any line bet between 0.02£ and 25£. The higher sum indicates that high-rollers who play Monty Python’s Life of Brian will be satisfied.

  • To start experiencing what this video title has to offer, start clicking Spin.

The next thing you see are Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s 5 reels spinning for the selected credit amount. Playtech also offers the auto-play option. Forget about Spin button and let the reels spin for 99 times or less if you choose so.

  • Now, before you start those 5 reels, you may want to look for Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s full screen and volume buttons.

As for full screen, unfortunately Monty Python’s Life of Brian doesn’t feature this option in its settings. Playtech will probably improve such details, as this 30 paylines game attracts punters with different playing tastes.

It’s no wonder Monty Python’s Life of Brian has no mute toggle, when Playtech failed to include a full screen button.

In this aspect, Monty Python’s Life of Brian is behind its counterparts, since Playtech didn’t include a mute button in this video slot. Which means you’ll have to regulate Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s sounds on your computer or mobile.

Tiles, Symbols, Images

Ladbrokes players will benefit from 13 frequently paying symbols, which involve:

  • Brian – the top payer
  • Brian’s Mum
  • Pontus
  • Centurion
  • Mr. Cheeky
  • And the Jack symbol at the bottom of this list.

It’s also possible to win decent sums on

  • The scatter symbol: Free Spins Crucifixions
  • Bonus Ancient Building bonus symbol
  • Free Spins Crucifixions freespins symbol
  • The wild symbol: Life of Brian Logo

The highest paying, a sort of a jackpot symbol if you will, is Brian. Seeing Brian 5 times on any of the 30 paylines will bring you a 1000xtimes your stake. At a bet level of on all 30 lines, 5 Brian symbols will win you 1000x your stake – or coins.

Here’s an image of the Brian tile:

play Monty Python's Life of Brian for real money

The next top win may come from Brian’s Mum being the second highest-paying symbol. To win 500x your stake, it is enough to put £0.02 per line, however huge prizes like £12500 can also be yours if you place £25 bet per line and 5 such symbols appear on a line. Don’t forget that there is also the Pontus symbol and its valuable prizes. You can win 300x stake on as low wagers as £0.02 per line. The payouts may reach £7500 when you opt for the maximum bet of £25 and get 5 of these symbols per line.

Apart from all big rewards, this 30-payline slot is also known for its Jack symbols and the prizes coming with them. Your Monty Python’s Life of Brian line bet can be increased by up to 20 times if 5 of these symbols find themsleves on an active payline. In addition, this Playtech game offers other stronger tiles such as Centurion, rewarding as much as 200x line stake ,and Mr. Cheeky, multipling your bet per line by 150 when the active payline shows 5 of those symbols, respectively.

This slot is attractive because of its Life of Brian Logo symbol and its scatter together! Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Free Spins Crucifixions symbol offers not only the x prize, but also pays any.

Enjoy even more winning with this video slot game, as it offers a Free Spins Crucifixions symbol for free spins, and a Bonus Ancient Building that activates Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s attractive bonus game.

Info about winlines

Monty Python’s Life of Brian is a video slot that features 5 reels and 30 paylines. There’s also a related slot, Monty Python’s Spamalot!, which features 20 paylines, instead of the 30 found in its counterpart we’re reviewing here. However, they’re similar in the number of reels – Playtech included 5 of them in both slots.

Paylines stretch across the 5 reels of this popular slot and define the Monty Python’s Life of Brian rewarding combinations.

As mentioned before, this Monty Python-themed slot allows no paylines selection. Its 30 lines are fixed, but winning options are innumerable.

As presented above, you can adapt your Monty Python’s Life of Brian bets.

play Monty Python's Life of Brian online Play now at Ladbrokes 

Information on Paylines

  • This Monty Python’s Life of Brian has lines that pay in left to right.
  • For you to get the prize, least number of 3 symbols must match.
  • If you would like to replace any of ordinary simbols, Playtech made it easy – you just need a Life of Brian Logo, which will replace any of them.
  • You can have the Free Spins Crucifixions symbol anywhere, and it will pay!
  • When you have several wins – some higher, some lower, you needn’t worry cause the higher win will be paid always!
  • But Playtech did think of everything and made the paylines fixed, so all you have to do is win and your prize will be waiting for you!

All You Need to Know About Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s 5 Reels

If you like straightforward, no-nonsense exciting slots, then take Monty Python’s Life of Brian for a spin. Its 5 reels going downward let you concentrate on getting yourself some serious cash! Precisely what Playtech had in mind with this Film-themed game – easy-breezy spinning for some nice wins.

What to Expect When it Comes to Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Fixed Jackpot

While you can’t win a jackpot in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, there are other lucrative prizes that this frequently paying slot offers, including the 1000x line stake multiplier, awarded by 5 Brian tiles. Expressed in coins, a top bet will bring up to coins. Or, in cash, you could win £25000 on the max bet of £25 per coin and of coins per spin.

Progressive Jackpots in Playtech Slots

You have picked a great slot for playing – for this one Playtech incorporated the very much desired progressive jackpot. Once Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s major prize starts growing from all the bets made by Ladbrokes players, it can reach an astronomical figure before you sweep it up. Then, Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s dashboard will simply start accumulating from the beginning.

Is this a Video Type Slot?

If you like video slots, don’t miss Monty Python’s Life of Brian. After so many great slots, Playtech managed to create another one – this 30 lines title is now part of many casinos’ offer. Ladbrokes players may look forward to features and payouts.

Will I Enjoy Any 3D Effects while Playing Monty Python’s Life of Brian Online?

Sadly, no. Playtech opted for a simpler approach. However, Monty Python’s Life of Brian will land you prizes time and again, making this game one of your favourites.

Should I Download This Slot?

There are two possibilities offered by Ladbrokes casino when it comes to playing Monty Python’s Life of Brian – to do it online or to dowload the Ladbrokes software and then play it. This goes for may other Playtech slots, not just this video one. Create an account and whatch these 13 symbols spin your account into abudance. Just so you now, if you are ‘pretend’ playing, you will be ‘pretend’ winning as well. Use the demo to get the hang of Monty Python’s Life of Brian and then move to genuine play.

How to Operate the Dashboard?

Read on to learn how to use the dashboard in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, as well as most Playtech slots.

Ready, set, Spin

The most important button that you need to click is Spin, the start button that is the first step in getting those £25000. This button will start the ball rolling by spinning the 5 reels which can be full of nice surprises, least of which is the line bet multiplier of 1000x. Apart from this game starting icon, Monty Python’s Life of Brian also has some other useful stuff on its delightful layout:

Details About the Turbo Mode

Sometimes Film style slots feature a Turbo button to speed up the 5 reels. They will rotate faster both in the standard and the bonus rounds. If you want to play faster, use the Monty Python’s Life of Brian Turbo mode. To disengage it, click Spin again.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian has one. It serves to speed up the 5 reels and bring you wins such as £25000 a bit faster. Simplicity is key so Playtech made it simple to use – a click is enough to activate/deactivate it.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Information Button

Perhaps the most overlooked feature of the Monty Python’s Life of Brian game is the Info page. It contains all the rules and other important details, so make sure you click on it.


A very important element in all video slots is Autoplay. Most slots at Ladbrokes feature it, allowing players to enjoy these video titles without spinning manually, but rather resetting Ladbrokes slot’s Autoplay after it stops. When creating Monty Python’s Life of Brian, your convenience was obviously on Playtech’s mind, because this timeless Film tuned game involves Autoplay, which can spin maximum 99 times . In return, you can benefit from the 93.96% RTP rate and win a lot without moving a finger.

Since it can take the place of Spin, Autospin is often considered more convenient, as Monty Python’s Life of Brian can be played without breaks between the 5 reels’ spins.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Real Money Minimum Bet

Trust us, you want to be smart about your betting. That’s why you should first check the minimum requred bet sum before opening an account with Ladbrokes and going on to put the bonus code to work. Then, you can sit back, relax, have a cuppa and enjoy the 5 reels that will whisk those lovely little 13 tiles into getting you the £25000 prize.

One potential downside of the Monty Python’s Life of Brian dashboard is that Playtech didn’t install a Min Bet button, so you’ll need to adjust your wager on this Ladbrokes slot yourself.

It may be that you want to go low-key on this slot with splendid layout but you should look at the perks of betting on all 30 lines. This way, even if you bet only £0.02 on a line this will bring you to a £0.6 wager which, in turn, can bring you some nice prizes.

Setting Max Bet

Without a designated Max Bet button, Monty Python’s Life of Brian requires you to adjust the bet manually. Playtech obviously blundered there, but that doesn’t prevent Monty Python’s Life of Brian from offering maximum prizes for maximum stake. This game with interesting Monty Python content lets you wager a maximum of coins, which means placing 1 coins per each of the 30 lines. Translating this into cash, investing £ per coin would make a top bet of £750.

Winning Odds with Monty Python’s Life of Brian RTP

One of the things worth knowing about any 30 paylines game is the Return to Player percentage, or RTP. This will give you an idea what to expect of this 5-reeler in terms of the payout rate over a particular period. In other words, it tells you if the game is worth playing. Here you have a video slot with RTP of 96%, so you will have a return of £96 for every £100. But bear in mind this doesn’t mean you will win 96% of the time.

Cool theme and graphics are good, but Monty Python’s Life of Brian cannot be called great with RTP of just 93.96%. There are better offers out there.

Wild, Scatter, and Other Bonus Symbols

The first thing that you notice among Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s special features are its prominent Life of Brian Logo and Free Spins Crucifixions symbols, which we’ll explain later. One of the best paying features Playtech introduced here is the Stoning Bonus round, followed by free spins.

How Does Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Scatter Work?

This 5-reel online slot features a scatter, which is called Free Spins Crucifixions, and pays any up to x bet per line. Besides that, it activates Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, which significantly adds to its appeal.

Here is a picture of the Scatter:

play Monty Python's Life of Brian for free

Does Monty Python’s Life of Brian Have a Wild?

Playtech made good on this slot by including the Life of Brian Logo wild symbol. The wild is going to replace a symbol in order to get you 5 matching ones. Now, lets presume that you have 4 of Brian’s Mum symbols. If one of the other tiles in that line is the wild, it will carry Brian’s Mum’s functxion and this will bring you the 500x the stake you had for that line. So yeah, this is a tile you want to get.

win real cash on Monty Python's Life of Brian

The tile pictured above is the Life of Brian Logo wild symbol.

Expanding Symbols in this 5-reeler

Sadly, you won’t encounter an expanding wild in this Monty Python slot. But it is, nonetheless, a very lucrative modern video game considering that is has many features that are there to insure your spinning is both fun and profitable.

Stacked Symbols

Monty Python’s Life of Brian doesn’t have a stacked wild symbol. But you have a chance to get the 1000x line multiplier, so you might as well give it a spin.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

Monty Python’s Life of Brian doesn’t have a wild symbol. But there are other bonuses you may obtain that will give you a chance to earn a lot of money.

Payout Information

Should you need details on how much which of the 13 regular symbols pays, just take a look at the paytable. Check it out and then you’ll know exactly what you’ll be receiving once you start spinning the 5 reels. You will find that this Monty Python themed game will give you a reward if you get 3 matching tiles. Highest number of matching tiles is 5, one for each of the reels. The biggest reward is given for 5 matching symbols. The highest paying simbol for Monty Python’s Life of Brian is the Brian. The paytable shows you that Brian pays 1000 times of your bet per line, if you obtain 5, that is. The second highest is Brian’s Mum, multiplying the bet line by 500x, so it won’t be such a shame if you miss out in the Brian. Pontus represents the symbol that will pay you 300 times of the bet line. The fourth highest paying symbol is going to multiply the bet line by 200x. There is also the Mr. Cheeky icon which has a line stake multiplier of 150x. You should know that the least paying symbol is the Jack. Now, it doesn’t pay much, but it will multiply the stake you have per line by 20x.

Lining up minimum 3 symbols will result in a payout; but 5 of them on one of the 30 winlines will pay you well – up to 1000x line bet, awarded by the top paying Brian symbol. Hope to see many of these Monty Python’s Life of Brian tiles, right? But the 2nd best paying, Brian’s Mum symbols, have amazing prizes, too – match 5 of them and you’ll get a hefty 500x line stake multiplier. Then, winning 300x line bet is also lucrative; that’s exactly what Pontus will give you for winning 5 of them on an active line. Getting Centurion and Mr. Cheeky wins is easier and less paid, but 200x and 150x line stake multipliers are a good addition to Monty Python’s Life of Brian balance. And even the lowest paying among the 13 symbols, which comes in shape of Jack awards a prize worth mentioning: 20 times your stake per line.

Monty Python's Life of Brian online free Play now at Ladbrokes 

Setting Your Credit

Select your bet in a few ways – Playtech made the process fairly easy for Monty Python’s Life of Brian players:

  • Preset the size of the stake
  • Set the amount of money that will be wagered on a line

It’s not so uncommon among video slots to have fixed lines, like Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Therefore, you can’t pick, for example, 28 lines – you have to wager on all 30 of them.

Choosing the bet level means that you are in charge of how much you will actually bet on the slot’s 30 paylines. Should you choose to play it safe, you can have your line bet at 1. Or, if you don’t feel like playing safe simply set the number of coins at 1. In the first case, you’ll have a total wager of . This isn’t all that bad but if you compare it to the maximum option that takes the bet to , you can easily deduce that the more you bet, the more you will eventually win.

Coin Value in Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Coins bear a value in cash, that you can also set here in Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Here’s how:

The Special Multiplier

Winning with special multiplier features in Playtech slots is a common thing. Perhaps Ladbrokes players will be disappointed that Monty Python’s Life of Brian doesn’t feature a multiplier, but its Wild Spaceship Respins feature may improve their opinion.

Additional Chances – Bonuses, Free Spins and Special Features

Are There Any Specials in Monty Python’s Life of Brian?

Playtech Bonus Rounds

Absolutely! One of the major prizes in this video slot can be won during its Stoning Bonus feature £25000.The Stoning Bonus round is activated by the special Bonus Ancient Building symbol.

Play now at Ladbrokes 

The Double or Nothing Feature

With 30 paylines that can bring you cash, Monty Python’s Life of Brian can be pretty good to your account, except that Playtech didn’t let it give you the double or nothing option. So you coul say this 5-reels isn’t for hard-core gamblers.

Free Spins and Rounds

Two types of free spins are easy to mix up: those in Playtech titles and those provided by casinos. Don’t mix them up, as video slots like Monty Python’s Life of Brian offer them as special features, while casinos feature them as bonuses. Try not to mix up playing video slots in fun play mode with their free spins. Ladbrokes won’t register any prizes you win in fun play, while winning Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s 10 free spins could bring you quite an amount.

There’s a great free spins feature in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, titled Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, in which you get to see those 5 reels spin free of charge 10 times.

Unlike many other Playtech slots, this 5-reel title features only 10, which may come as a disappointment for many Ladbrokes punters. Perhaps that’s why Ladbrokes offers a special bonus of to its new players who type in MAXPROMO into an appropriate field. Still, winning a decent sum on Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s free spins is far from impossible. £250000 in cash is a sum that all Ladbrokes players would surely like to hit their balance.

Graphics and Visuals

Playtech designed this game as a video slot. It has 13 regular symbols, and gives you some options:

  • sets the size of your stake
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s reels start the automatic spinning
  • reels can go to a Turbo mode
  • provides necessary information on Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Sounds and Music

Fans of games with Monty Python theme get an authentic playing experience from Monty Python’s Life of Brian partly thanks to its sounds that Playtech tailored to follow its theme. Added to this 30-paylineslot’s fab design, the sounds create a truly unique atmosphere.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Can Be Played for Real Cash

Generally speaking, we’re here to win those £25000 prizes, but we can’t deny that Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s attractive design is one of the reasons why Ladbrokes players keep coming back to this Playtech title.

How Can I Go About Winning Money in Monty Python’s Life of Brian?

If real money play is your choice, access Ladbrokes’s registration section and open your account within 5 minutes. Here’s a step-to-step guide to becoming a Ladbrokes customer:

  • Open the Ladbrokes website on your desktop or mobile
  • Press the sign up toggle
  • Use the Ladbrokes promo code: MAXPROMO to unlock the Ladbrokes bonus
  • When a form appears, fill it with required information
  • Select your preferred method and make a deposit of at least £5
  • Ready, set, play Monty Python’s Life of Brian!

What is Ladbrokes’s Policy Regarding Withdrawals?

When it comes to withdrawing your wins from this 30 paylines slot, the process is quite straightforward: just withdraw the winning from your Ladbrokes account via Paypalor Skrill, or another method. And that’s it. Just try not to spend it in one go! And ask Ladbrokes customer support if you have any limit related questions.

In addition, if you want a Ladbrokes bonus, such as the 200% welcome offer to work in your favour, know that Ladbrokes will ask you to wager the bonus x if you want to cashout. You should also get to know Ladbrokes’s T&Cs, especially withdrawal-wise. However, Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s Info tab cannot provide you this info, as Playtech has nothing to do with this.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Demo Version

This is a neat video slot because you can play it just for fun. Monty Python’s Life of Brian can also be played on a mobile.

What’s great about this Playtech title is that if you have a Ladbrokes casino account you can play for fun. Therefore, before you spin the 5 reels for real money and try to win up to £25000, you can first just see how the special features work, check out the modern graphics and then go in for one of the frequently given rewards.

While playing this 5-reeler with fun money, think about all the prizes Monty Python’s Life of Brian could’ve given you for real. Then, Playtech experience, simply go on to Ladbrokes’s real money mode, and deposit minimum £5. It’s not much, but considering that Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s lowest bet amounts to £0.02, it’ll take a while to spend it. In addition to the £5, you’ll have a generous welcome bonus of 300% to top your deposit when you use Ladbrokes’s special bonus code MAXPROMO for online and mobile app users.

Can I Win Real Money on Monty Python’s Life of Brian if I Play it for Free?

Since there are no bonuses for free play at Ladbrokes casino, you are obliget to put up a £5 deposit. That way, this 30 paylines game will give you a chance to win up to £25000 and some other featured specials.

What the Chances of Getting a No Deposit Bonus?

While no free chip deals come from Ladbrokes these days, we can still play Monty Python’s Life of Brian with its 300% welcome bonus and a minimum deposit of £5. In case Ladbrokes decides to add a free chip for Monty Python’s Life of Brian, we assure you we’ll amend this review.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian App for Mobile Devices

That’s right, you can enjoy your Monty Python’s Life of Brian adventure on the go from your iOS, Android, Windows mobile. This is possible thanks to Ladbrokes and its mobile app which keeps those 5 reels running smoothly, maintaining the same Monty Python’s Life of Brian qualities that we all love – the 1000x line bet wins, the RTP rate of 93.96%, as well as the poppy graphics.

Should you wish to get one of the regulary given prizes this slot is offering, and you wish to watch the 13 regular symbols spin on your iPad or iPhone, Ladbrokes has an app that you can download from iTunes and play wherever you are.

This 30 paylines game is available for play on Android devices if you dowload the Ladbrokes app from Google Store. This is a great way to pocket the frequent rewards this title has in store.

Windows Phone users may find it challenging to download a casino app, but in case of Ladbrokes, they can enjoy the generosity of Monty Python’s Life of Brian and other Playtech games through a dedicated app. Hopefully more online casinos will follow Ladbrokes’s footsteps in this respect.

It’s easy to access Monty Python’s Life of Brian on your Windows Phone or Blackberry even without a Ladbrokes app. Just open your mobile browser, search for Ladbrokes and open Monty Python’s Life of Brian on it.

Please note that Ladbrokes casino has a free app, so when you want to play this Monty Python themed slot, be careful where you download it from.

Claim a Monty Python’s Life of Brian Mobile Bonus Offer

There must be a reason Ladbrokes casino doesn’t provide a mobile bonus, but we don’t know what it is. Therefore, Monty Python’s Life of Brian has to be played with own money, only. And maybe Ladbrokes will introduce the bonus someday.

When it comes to winning, this slot with small but frequent prizes, could pay you a maximum of £25000. Its best paying symbol is Brian and 5 of them on one of the slot’s 30 lines brings a line stake multiplier of 1000x. For additional info, address Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s paytable, available in this Playtech title’s info area.

The Maximum Reward Which Can Be Won

Even if we count in Ladbrokes’s profit, derived from zillions of spins on Monty Python’s Life of Brian, this video slot has a very good payout prospects. With a 93.96 RTP and the volatility which provides generally smaller, but regular wins, this 5-reeler is a game worth trying.

Winning Odds

Instead, focus on planning your investment into Monty Python’s Life of Brian and deposit only as much money to your Ladbrokes account as you can afford to lose. Higher bets always mean proportionally higher payouts, but in this lively title you can win decently even with a minimum bet of £0.6 played on all 30 paylines.

We all know that luck determines everything in slots, including those made by Playtech. However, it’s not like you cannot do anything to make your playtime more enjoyable and, perhaps, lucrative.

About Playtech:

  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Teddy Sagi
  • Headquarters: St. George’s Court, 2nd Floor Upper Church Street, Douglas
  • Website: www.Playtech.com
  • Specialties: Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Online and Mobile Gaming Applications, Cross-Platform Management System
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